Tuesday, June 25, 2013


You can never go wrong with a good American flag design. Esp. since Fourth of July is coming up soon.

My toes I painted the big toe blue and the others red. I used a striping brush to do white stripes on the red toes and a dotting tool to do the "stars" on the big toes.

As for my fingers; I painted them all white. I sponged red, white, and blue stripes on each nail. Then I added some star glitter to each nail.

Instagram: Chrystine14

Coral and glitter

This is just a plain neon nail design. All nails are painted with a neon coral and the ring finger nail is painted with a silver glitter. I loved this mani for summer!

Instagram: Chrystine14

Hot pink Chevron

This is a hot pink and glitter chevron design. The middle finger is black a white chevron and ring finger is sliver glitter.

Instagram: Chrystine14

Blue and silver zebra

All nails but my pointer and ring finger were painted blue. The other two were painted silver. On the silver nails I painted blue zebra stripes.

Instagram: Chrystine14

Purple Mani Pedi match

This was done with a dark purple and a neon pink. On the toes I painted my second toe pink and the other purple. The big toe had the design on it.

As for my fingers I painted all of them with purple tips and a pink line underneath. But the ring finger still just a tip I added the same design to it as on the big toes.

Neon zebra/cheetah

With this I painted all my nails white first. Then I sponged on a set of three colors on each nail but the ring finger. (Coral, Neon yellow, Neon Pink). The ring finger I painted a Caribbean blue glitter. On the sponged nails I took black and painted cheetah spots and zebra stripes. Added some glitter.

Instagram: Chrystine14

Neon tips and black matte

This is exactly what the title says. The tips of each nail are a different color. Bright blue, neon pink, neon yellow, neon purple, and coral. The rest of the nail is painted black then a matte (chalk board) top coat is added just to the black. Making the neon stand out more.

Instagram: Chrystine14